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Very First Masque Wrapping Blog Post EVER…

Welcome to the Masque Wrapping Blog! New blog, new website, new designs – where do we start? Masque, as you might already know, is a husband and wife team – I’m Lynn – the wife!  Jason does all the technical fiscal and right-brained things, while I hang out in the creative left and wax lyrical about all things ridiculously gorgeous.

After a two-year rollercoaster, we’ve outgrown our 20 page catalogue website and are now running from a crisp white one with dynamic improvements galore!

The main website improvement is the search facility and the quick click categories down the left-hand side. This eliminates the need to go through page after page on a browsing quest. You can still search directly for designers, like you could on the last site, but now you can search for specific categories, or press ALL and see the entire collection. Quicker and simple to order and select, which means you can pop into our blog and have a nice chat afterwards.

It’s so nice to meet you *does little curtsey* – I’d love for this blog to be a two way street. I’ll obviously post news on it, and offer lots of ideas to take away, but I’d also like to invite you to contact me about things you’d like to see, maybe you have made art with offcuts, there might be a wrap designer that you’d like Masque Wrapping to look at – anything you fancy, just e-mail me lynn.caldwell at masqueonline dot com and I’ll see what I can do for you.

Well, that’s the first blog post taken care of. See you later, Happy Wrapping, Lynn xx

One thought on “Very First Masque Wrapping Blog Post EVER…

  1. Hi , love all your paper especially the Cavallini , perfect for furniute upcycles as its tough and easy to sand for the vintage lived in look . I have recently bought the Ted Baker gift wrap book and have plans for all the contents . Will post your new page on my business page as I highly recommend you ! On another not Monahan does some lovely coloured botanical available in the USA but not here ( not fair) , can you look at stocking some cheers Wendy ( ) 🙂

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